Social Media Marketing Ethics

If brands are offering a valuable contribution within communities, there is nothing to gain from acting in an unethical way. The downside of receiving negative reaction from your consumers who discover your brand is not acting honestly, cannot be underestimated. On top of that the Consumer Protection Act from Unfair Trading 2008 could make some activity illegal. We feel the act actually has many positive principles that make business and ethical sense.

The three areas of the Consumer Protection Act from Unfair Trading 2008 that relate closely to social media marketing are:

  • Falsely representing oneself as a consumer.
  • Seeding positive messages about a brand in a blog without making it clear that the message has been created by, or on behalf of, the brand.
  • Seeding viral ads on the internet in a manner that implies you are a simple member of the public.

One of agency2’s core practices is that our writers clearly state in the content and the profile that the contributor is a brand ambassador (i.e. works on behalf of the brand) we will never imply we are an impartial member of the public.

agency:2 the social media agency

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